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Independent Restaurant Consultant

It’s not enough to just open a great restaurant anymore... you have to build a meaningful brand experience.”
— Michael Baglieri, Founder

I started Juice Daddy UK, an Innovative Restaurant Consultancy Firm established in New York City, 2013. As an Independent Restaurant Consultant, I have helped clients build hugely successful restaurant brands in the USA, Europe. GCC and Asia /Pacifica.

My mission is to help promising companies build profitable brands, allowing them to contract senior operations and corporate strategy advice. Engagements can be short term, project focused our through a secondment of a full time Independent Restaurant Consultant.

My Core Values:

  1. Generate Wealth through Profits & Growth.
  2. Serve the Highest Quality Food & Beverage available.
  3. Aim to Satisfy, Delight & Nourish our customers.
  4. Make the world a more Hospitable place

If you would like to discuss your business and a potential engagement please feel free to reach out via phone or email below.

Phone: +44 (0) 7498.327.097