Services Overview

  • I like to keep things simple. My goal is to help promising companies build profitable brands, allowing them to contract senior operations and corporate strategy advice for less than a full time COO or for the same cost as a less experienced internal hire.

  • You are, in essence, buying a chunk of my time, at a flat monthly fee, valued at an hourly rate. You can scale that monthly rate to fit whatever your budget, or timeline, allows.

  • Typically, my planning and strategy time tends to be front-loaded, diving in to discover everything about your company and set the plan to how to grow your business. The flat fee allows you to spread those costs out over time… and to continue our relationship beyond just “project work”.

  • I can structure this agreement to what works best for your business, and mine.

  • There is no annual contract, I want to earn my keep every month. If you feel like you are not gettng value for your money, we can scale up or down the fee and time, or you can just walk away with 30 days notice, paying any outstanding expenses.

  • I will provide you with a comprehensive, yet succinct, plan of work, laying out the objectives and strategies we expect to accomplish. We will work from that plan and I will continuously update it. I can provide you samples, which vary from client to client. 

Flat Monthly Fee

  • Together, we will set the priorities and goals for what’s needed each month, working project by project, usually multiple projects in parallel, to accomplish our goals.

  • I will keep track of my Time and give you a monthly recap. Any balance against that dedicated Time will be carried forward, thus allowing you to straight-line budget and amortize the upfront Time over several months, whittling down any Time overages over Time.

  • Every three months, we’ll review this agreement and determine the projected workload and adjust the fee or my Time accordingly.

  • I typically bill on the 1st of the month and will send the first invoice for the monthly fee right when we commence our agreement.

Outside Resources

  • I can do a lot, but occasionally bring in other freelance consultants with special skills that would be beneficial to our projects, e.g. culinary experts, marketing people, architects, technology social media, etc. Essentially, being able to provide full-service capabilities at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. And work much faster. My partners are not always the cheapest, but they have proven experience and work extremely efficiently and fast.

  • Depending on our final arrangement, I may bring in a Project Manager, at a significantly lower hourly rate, to more efficiently handle coordination of projects and extend the value of the fee. If any resources are needed, we’ll project those fees into our planning process. You will approve any significant expenses beyond the monthly fee prior to engagement.