The Ultimate Starbucks Drink - The 4 Steps of The Iced Guatemalan

Sometimes Starbucks has two types of Espresso Beans in their machines which allow the aficionado to order different versions of their favourite drinks.  Currently there is a  promotional bean in most of the Espresso Machines in London.  This year promotinal bean is a Mild Guatemalan Roast called Casi Cielo™ - the name means "almost heaven", which basically describes the level of happiness I ascended to after drinking my first one.  If you don't normally drink Ice Coffee - this is an excellent choice for the beginner. Iced Guatemalan Recipe:

  1. Start with a Venti Cup
  2. 3 or 4 shots of Guatemalan Roast over ice (depends on preference)
  3. fill with equal parts cold milk and cold water
  4. Sugar to taste (Simple Syrup if they have it)

Why it works: This roast has the right amount of acidity to stand up to the dilution once the ice melts. The resulting flavour has a well tanned, smooth body that leaves an lingering Cocoa taste on your tongue.  On hot hot Summers day, there is nothing more refreshing the a brief South American deluge.

Hurry while supplies last!!!