Bubbacue Week 9

Free Barbecue Day

Thursday, October 5th


o House Rules:

1 meal per person

We smoke our meat for 12-18 hours. It’s really special & we hope you enjoy it.

We make everything from scratch everyday, including our bbq sauces. Try them, they’re not like anything you’ve tasted before.

Our beef and pork are from local Irish farms. We rub them in dried spices before loading into our smokers.

We use Maris Piper Potatoes for our fries. We hand-cut them everyday, fresh. (We don’t even own a freezer J)

Please be mindful of our neighbors

Thank you for coming and welcome to Bubbacue!

We ar expectin. To serve 1,400 people... the Prep List for the day is pretty intimidating. 

  • 330kg of hand cut french fries will be sold on Thursday, October 5th.  
  • 120 BBQ Chickens
  • 70 Smoked Pork Joints
  • 100kg of Smoked Beef
  • 3 litres of BBQ Sauce

Bubbacue Free Barbecue Day, Belfast, Northern Ireland