If your are not using a Managers Diary in your Restaurant, your going nowhere. #myopinion

If your are not using a Managers Diary in your Restaurant, your going nowhere.  I believe a Manager Diary should have 2 sections: Checklists & General Notes I like to have a Checklist for each of the day-parts of the Business.  At most of the Fast Casual Brands I have worked at, we trade over Lunch and Dinner.  On a typical day we will run with an Opening Manager (OM) and a (CM).  Therefore each day has an Opening and a Closing Checklist.

AM Manager ______                    

Opening Check List          

  • Complete Prep List for the Day                               
  • Complete Food Safety Checklist                
  • Complete & Email Weekly Sheet                
  • Check Email                                                                       
  • Count Safe/ Set Tills                                               
  • Order Change                                             
  • Complete Deployment Chart
  •  Lead Service
  • Handover


The Managers Log should sit in the office and be a means of communication between the Management Team.  Every person on the management team should start their shift by reading it and end their shift by writing notes in it.  It works particularly well for the CM to communicate to the following days OM without having to disturb them with a phone call/ email.  If filled out correctly, the OM will have no reason to call the previous nights CM for clarification.   The less Managers are disturbing each other during their time off, the better quality time off they can enjoy. Managers enjoying their time off without non-critical communication is an attribute of a strong Team.

These are examples of things that should be recorded in the Manager Log:

  • Any problem that has been successfully resolved for the following Manager
  • Any non-critical problem that you did not resolve for the following Manager but want them to be aware of
  • Anything to do with Transfers
  • Marketing Activity
  • Vendor Activity
  • Non-critical information about people
  • Notes from phone calls
  • Weekly Manager Meeting Notes
  • Something positive that will make the following Manager smile

When I visit sites, I always try to flip through their Manager Log to get a sense of the team.  I feel comfortable making the following assumptions:

  • If they are using it to "Bitch" at each other than the team is not functioning well
  • If only one person writes in it but nobody else writes in it than the team is not functioning well
  • If the entire Management Team is using it, if tasks have been initialed, boxes checked, meeting minutes documents than that team is going places.